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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.


Issues Fixed

Most issues with the website have been fixed, but if you encounter anything that seems to be misbehaving, you can chastise me by posting angry things in the forum. If I was running a bug bounty program, you would get paid $100,000 for each bug you reported, but I'm not running a bug bounty program, so your current meager source of income (if it even exists at all) will have to suffice for now.

Login Issues

An update at my web host seems to have caused some login issues. Please wait patiently for this issue to be resolved and try not to mourn the temporary loss of the singular fun thing that was still present in your life.

HTTPS is Here, Who Cares

All pages on Guess That Album are now served over an encrypted HTTPS connection by default, effective five minutes ago. If this causes any issues, let me know in the forum.

Gifts from Above

Browsing the list of guesses on albums and on user profile pages just got a little simpler with the addition of previous/next buttons, which replace the generic "load more guesses" button. This had been on the to-do list for millennia, but is no longer. Rejoice!

A Tantalizing Glimpse into the Dreaded Machinery

At the bottom of the site navigation on the left of the page, there is a new feature: searching for artists whose albums are represented on the site! At the time of this writing, typing "Death Grips" into the box and hitting enter yields a count of 155. Whether or not this number is insufficient is up to you. I would hope it is.

Technological Singularity Averted

The registration process has been hardened slightly. Hopefully this change will prevent waves of bots from registering non-stop, so the 500-point bonus for referring new users has been turned back on.

What a time to be alive.

Technological Singularity Incoming

The 500-point bonus for referring users has been temporarily suspended because the spambots became sentient and were using it to appear on the leaderboards. The sanctity of the Guess That Album points system has been forever defiled.

Once I figure out how to stop the bots the referral bonus will be turned back on.

Sorting Albums

You can now sort albums by popularity and favorite-ness instead of only by date when viewing a user's list of albums. You also get the same sorting features, plus a few more, on your private stats page. Just click on the header of the table to sort by that column.

Use this advanced new feature to feel sad about your lovingly drawn album covers that still haven't registered even one guess. It's sort-a cool!

Hiding Albums

You can now hide other user's albums that you don't want to see while browsing the site. When viewing the album, click on the "x" in the top right, next to the "favorite star" and "guess later clock".

This will only make the album invisible to you and has no effect on any other user. The person who drew the album will not know. You can see all the albums you've hidden by going to your settings.

Albums you've hidden will still appear on the "popular albums" and "favorite albums" pages. This behavior could change depending on what feedback (if any) I receive.

Not a Beta Anymore

I removed the "beta" from the title of the site because, realistically, the site has been in its final form for some time now. Actually I don't know why I put it there in the first place. Probably to make me feel better if the entire concept was a total flop. "It was just in beta! Haha...yeah who cares..."

Also, as promised, leaderboard archives are available now by clicking the cool "leader archives" button on the front page underneath the daily/weekly/monthly leaders. Wow! Cool! Neat!