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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.


The metagame.


    aww yeeuhs

  • Nice quints.


  • gotta go fer 'em

  • So you just waited around until you found an album that was worth 71 points?

  • Dove straight into Popular and picked one that wasn't hard to find.

    It's better with denser target numbers.

  • I only know that album exists because an artist I like recommended it on Bandcamp. I'm proud to be among the few to guess it.

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    There we go.

  • gotta

  • 253 is my favorite number.

  • Mmmmmhm I certainly did the number sequence thing again, yep pepperino that's what's going on here. That's what June 2016 is all about. Welcome to the numbers.


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