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The site doesn't remember my login

  • What the title says. I tick the "Remember me" checkbox, but it doesn't do shit. This only happens when I close my browser, though. But the only thing my browser doesn't keep is history and downloads. I use Waterfox btw.

  • That's my bad. I made a change to fix a bug and ended up borking the auto-login. I just fixed it; let me know if it's still not working for you.

  • It is. thank you!

  • bump

  • I'm having this problem now, have to type my login every time.

  • Can you try on a different browser/different computer? It's working for me and I haven't touched that code in a long time.

  • It happens on both my desktop and phone. I use Firefox on both, and I tested it using Microsoft Edge. It still signs me out after a day.

    If I'm the only one with the problem, I wouldn't worry about it. Not a big deal to type a login.

    Update: I figured this one out a while ago. I was clicking the "remember me" box every time I logged in, not knowing that this logged me out of other devices. So every time I logged in on my phone and checked the box I lost it on my desktop.


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