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difficult albums

  • When it comes to difficult albums the system check the time since someone have guessed it. But there are albums, which noone guess. So it would be good, if time would be counted since last guess and draw, in case of noone guesing.

  • Am I having a stroke?

  • what

  • Not sure if I understood OP correctly, so here's how the "difficult albums" works:

    When the album is drawn, the "day counter" starts. When it gets guessed correctly, the "day counter" resets. So, in effect, the oldest album that has zero guesses will always be at the beginning of the list. Since that's boring, it would maybe be better to only show albums with one correct guess on that page, and throw all the unguessed albums into a different list. I dunno.

  • Yeah that makes sense, or just remove albums that received a lot of appeals since they propably contain typos.


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