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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.


nicememe, you gotta help us out here, man

  • look, i've been tryin gto this Fucking album for two whole months and i'm getting NO WHERE close to gettinf the answer i want.

    buddy......... i love u man, but .... please
    im desperate
    throw me a bone
    i need some sort of hint
    aNYHTING wil do

    Romeo (Nukumachi)

  • Which album, my dude?

  • the one that's juust text. no image, just a description.

  • You can put albums in your posts by putting the album number in brackets like {album 13954} (replace the squiggly brackets with square brackets)


  • yooo, that's cool! i had no idea, i'm totally utilizing this now.


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