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First guess bonus?

  • What about adding a bonus of 100 points to the first correct guesser, incentivizing players to guess on more obscure albums.

  • this sounds interesting.

    although, i feel like this has the possibility of being abused. like, in the case that an established player is just quick to guess a new album, they would get the huge bonus, which seems a bit unfair.

    maybe have the bonus increase in time, so if an album is still un-guessed after, say, six months, the bonus will gradually go up from 10 points to 100 points.

    those are just my thoughts tho.

  • At one point I was thinking about some kind of "achievement" system where users would get achievements for doing things like being first to guess an album, guessing an album after a year of nobody getting it right, reaching points milestones, referring users, etc.

    I think I'd rather do that rather than a bigger first-guess bonus, which just entrenches the longtime, daily users even more in the leaderboards.

  • Achievements? Yes please, that would be great

  • achievements would be a really nice addition


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