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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.


We should have a genre sort

  • Cuz if someone's a fan of mostly one genre siftin thru everything is really boring

  • I think this is a great idea and I've considered it in the past, but it introduces some questions: who adds the genre tags? Who makes sure they're accurate? Do people get to invent their own genres or do they have to pick from a list? How specific are the genres ("metal" vs. "symphonic power metal")? Are the genres self-policed or would they all go through me/other mods?

    And the biggest one: does giving a hint for the album defile the purity of the Guess That Album concept? A broad genre like "indie rock" isn't too big of a hint, and it's not likely to help you identify an album that you otherwise don't know, but if the genre was specific enough, you could just trawl the RYM charts for that genre until you found the album in question.

  • We could have a genre voting system for people who have already guessed the album like RYM

  • I don't use RYM much, I take it they only let you vote for "approved" genres? That's a cool idea.

  • There's a database of genres that are listed on the site yes


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