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uploading error?

  • everytime i try to upload a picture for an album it doesn't work

  • This sounds similar to an issue people were having about a year and a half ago but I thought it was fixed. Has anybody else been able to upload an image recently?

  • It turns out that file permissions weren't getting set correctly on uploaded images. I didn't change any settings on my end so my web host must have. Can somebody try it again? I would, but my standards for drawing albums are too high and it would take too long. >:(

    EDIT: I just did a little test and it seemed to work for me, but somebody else should try it out.

  • still aint working from my end

  • I think I fixed it for real this time. There were also some folder-level permissions that were getting screwed up, so the images were there, just not publicly visible.

    Not like anybody cares about the technical details, but I think my web host changed their default umask. I had to chmod the folder after creation to fix it.


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