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Suggestion for when making new album

  • There should be the option to have multiple titles for an album since so many have multiple names e.g. most commonly a name in the language of the artist which also has a more common alias in English (Computerwelt vs. Computer World). Or some albums have a longer, full name and a short name (Faust - Faust IV, versus just Faust - IV, or Talking Heads - Talking Heads: 77, versus just Talking Heads - 77)

    Allowing multiples would lower the amount of people who unfairly make a wrong guess and try to appeal. I see one of the albums I recently made is suffering this, and annoyingly I even took a few minutes to consider if I should put the full name or if I should put the shorter one.

  • This would be helpful. There was a vaporwave album i tried guessing before with a japanese title. i submitted the album name in english, because it can be called either/or. i got it wrong, but then guessed another drawing of that same album in japanese, but got that one wrong too because i guessed it in english.

  • This has been suggested before but would be difficult to implement given the way the site is programmed. However, I do realize that a lot of albums have ambiguous titles so it's something I'm considering.

  • i feel like this needs to be fixed still, especially with albums with two artists. it is very rare that i correctly guess albums like that, all depending on how the user thinks the album should be written.

  • Totally agree with you on that point. Every time i try guessing Jimi Hendrix - Axis: Bold as Love I get it wrong, simply because I don't know if the artist wants me to spell it "Axis: Bold as love" or "Axis bold as love".
    Multiple options for correct spellings would be nice!

  • There could also be a little tick box for 'self-titled' when you're drawing the album which completely ignores whatever they put in the title field when they are guessing.


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