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Raise size limit to 400kb (maybe?)

  • An album artwork that I've been slaving over for 5 whole days cannot be uploaded because it has a file size of ~350 kb when saved as a png, and the site doesn't allow me to upload it as a jpeg, and I have no idea how to compress the image without compromising its quality too much. pls help

  • wow thanks for all the help guys

  • I'll consider it, this is the first time that somebody has complained about the file size limit I think.

  • Either that or allow jpegs. I drew an album that was 500 x 500 px and then had to scale it down to 400 x 400 so it could be uploaded. Now it looks worse than the .jpg version and it's still 3 times as large.

    Edit: Nvm, just found in another thread.

  • I just drew an album that was 550x550. Even scaling it down wouldn't work and I had to compress it wayy more that I would've wanted to (the BUY album on my profile, which looks like shit). So consider this the 2nd time someone has complained about it.


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