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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.



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  • like how many different versions of the same damn pic do we really need

  • hehe the album is a penis and thats funny

  • No.

  • epic penis maymay XDDD

  • I was 15 on 4chan once too.

  • b-b-but...

    patrician /mu/core...

  • Screw Patricia.

  • bump

  • extend that to neu! and channel orange too

  • This thread didn't work, it's been drawn twice in the past two days.

  • Hey Admin, sorry for using this one - i tried to create a new post, but it failed after multiple attempts, so:

    Mooph is obviously cheating.

    Two Daydream Nations, three Pom Poms, two Agaetis Byrjuns, just on the first part...

    "Knowingly guessing multiple versions of the same album"

  • When you ban me, could you keep my posts? Sorry for not understanding the site's rules so well.

  • xD

  • It's probably more my fault that the system even allows guessing the same album more than once. Several users have taken advantage of that "bug" until being subtly warned about it.

    Now that Mooph has apologized and apparently "retired" I probably won't ban him. Especially since there's currently no way for me to ban a user and still keep his albums up. I might take some of his ill-gotten points away, though.

    nilovz It's a little weird that you couldn't post a thread. Did you get any errors or anything? I hope I didn't break it when I instituted those anti-spam measures a few months ago...

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