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Welcome to Guess That Album, the game where you draw artful renditions of your favorite albums and have others guess what they are! Head over to the FAQ to get started.


Mock Your Fellow Man

After a number of people clamored for this feature, you can now see the wrong guesses that people submitted for your albums and ONLY your albums.

You may notice that some wrong guesses were actually correct. Since it is the guesser's responsibility to appeal guesses that were erroneously marked as incorrect, you can do nothing about this other than relish the sensation of sympathy seeping out of your pores.

You may also notice that a lot of the wrong guesses are just gibberish. It's your fault for drawing an album cover so compelling that other users were willing to sacrifice their correct/incorrect ratio in order to find out what it was. I bet you feel really good right now.

Notifications (of Your Impending Death)

I have made some changes to the notification system. You can now view notifications sorted by category! This will make it easy to see people who favorited your albums without having to sort through the hundreds of notifications from users who guessed that really easy album you drew and now regret drawing.

Accompanying this change is a new button that says "Mark these notifications as read." If you don't click it, your notifications will keep piling up until you die and even then they won't stop.

I have also granted you the ability to view more notifications than simply the 25 most recent ones. However, the well of memory is deep and it would be prudent not to fall in.

If something's not working right or you just think it all really sucks, tell me in the forum.

We are All Friends of Mark Zuckerberg

I have created a Facebook page for Guess That Album. There is an icon for it at the bottom of the page. Go forth and like it!

Daily Leaders

On the front page, there are some little boxes which hold yesterday's and today's top ten leaders in points. If you're reading this you probably already saw them.

I would like to go back and calculate the daily leaders for each day since GTA's inception, however, that has not happened yet. For now, you just get to see the current day and the day before.

Tell me in the forum if you think this idea sucks!

File Type Changes

So this is sort of embarrassing to admit, but this whole time I thought I was saving drawn albums to the server as JPGs when they were actually being saved as PNGs; all I was doing was putting ".jpg" at the end. I have changed this so now files are just being named ".png" anyway, since PNG is the master race image format.

To match this change, albums uploaded through the upload form now need to be in PNG format. JPG's will not be accepted. I have also bumped the file size limit up to 200kb so you don't have to compress your drawings unnecessarily.

This whole situation will be very funny to look back on when I sell my site to Zynga for millions upon millions of dollars.

For When You Know That You Know an Album

There is a new icon for logged-in users when they view an album, next to the "favorite" star. A clock! What does the clicking the clock do? It puts the album in your list of albums to be guessed later. Now you can keep track of the albums that you're pretty sure you recognize but you can't quite come up with at this very moment.

Also, the rules for the site have been amended to disallow ambiguous or un-guessable albums. This includes all-black or all-white album covers.

More Opportunities to Score Coveted Points and Bring a Small Amount of Excitement into Your Life

In order to guarantee the perpetuation of this site, I have added a new feature: referrals. When a user goes to sign up, there is a box to type in the name of the user that referred them here. That referring user will be the happy recipient of 500 points.

Existing members can go into their settings and enter in a referrer as well. You can only do this once so don't screw around! In your settings you will also find a referral link that you can give people so they don't even need to go through the trouble of typing in your name.

I will know if anybody abuses this system to get themselves more points. Abusers will be punished swiftly and with no trace of mercy. Everybody, even your closest friends and relatives, will know you as the guy who cheated to get Internet Points on a site where people are just trying to have fun.

Also, check out the FAQ to find out how you can insert album links and user links into your forum posts! It's not even that hard!

Guests are No Longer Second-Class Citizens

Actually, they still are, but life is looking up for these unenlightened visitors! Guests can now guess albums; however, they will not get any points (obviously) and the site will not keep track of their guesses. Also, again obviously, guest users don't get told what the right answer was if they got it wrong.

That's not too exciting for registered users, but maybe this will brighten your dreary, beshadowed existence: in the left-hand menu, there is a new entry: Difficult Albums! You can now see which albums have gone the longest without being guessed. At the moment you don't get any glory for guessing one of these albums, unless you want to brag on the forum (bragging is strongly encouraged).

Finally, wording on the site regarding nudity has been reworded. Explicit nudity is strictly banned, but the abstract nudity that people have been drawing so far is allowed. If my web host ever complains, this rule may change swiftly and without warning.

Admin Loves You All

And as a testament to the love you and I share, I have added a few new things to the site.

1. When you view an album, there is a little box containing some random albums below the art. I'm going to be monitoring server performance to see if doing this negatively impacts load times more than I want (getting random albums out of the database is an expensive process). If it's causing problems, it might have to go away.

2. You can now specify how many albums appear on a page. Go over to your settings page to try it out.

As always, bug reports go in the forum.

New Feature! Hurray!

You can now go to your settings page and specify whether or not you want to see albums you've already guessed when browsing new/popular/random albums. This should make it easier to find albums to guess, since you won't have to wade through a bunch that you've already attempted.

It may be necessary to log out and log back in for the change to properly take effect. Please post in the forum if you run into issues.